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Angelcare AC 401

$140.00 Released January, 2008

Product Shot 1 The Pros:Will ease the mind of exceptionally worried parents. Can detect the slightest physical movements. Worth the added cost for the movement detector.

The Cons:Much more expensive than ordinary baby monitors. Night light is too dim.

The Angelcare AC 401 is the top-of-the-line baby monitor that features both sound and movement monitors. The sensor pad which is placed under the cribs mattress and is able to detect even the slightest baby movement, such as breathing, that typical baby monitors will not catch.

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Product Shot 2  There is adjustable sensitivity and an alarm will sound after 20 seconds of no movement and an optional "tic" can be played to hear the baby's movements.  The sensor pad is attached to an external sound monitor which picks up any sounds made by the baby in the nursery.  All sounds and movements are transmitted to the parent monitor, with the option of choosing one of eight channels to minimize interference.  Lights and a speaker on the parent unit allow you to "see" and hear baby sounds. 

The parent unit has belt clip, and operates on rechargeable NiCad batteries, while the nusery unit runs with an AC adaptor and 4 AAA batteries as backup. Unlike the lower models, the parent unit comes with a charge stand and shows nursery temperature along with several other display features. Like in the 301, the nursery unit has a built in night light.


  • Under-the-mattress Sensor Pad detects every movement baby makes 
  • Alarm sounds after 20 seconds if no movement
  • Adjustable sensitivity
  • Battery or AC adapter operated
  • Optional 'tic" sound to hear baby's movements
  • 8 channels to minimize interference
  • Automatically converts to battery in case of power failure
  • Sound lights to see and hear baby's sounds
  • Low battery indicator
  • Pratical soothing night light
  • Choice of voice activated of continuous sound reception
  • Nursery room temperature display on the Parents unit
  • Parent unit charge stand

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  • 2

    will ease the mind of exceptionally worried parents

  • 1

    can detect the slightest physical movements

  • 1

    worth the added cost for the movement detector

  • 1

    20-second non-movement alarm

  • 1

    adjustable sensitivity

  • 1

    visual cue for movement/sound response allows for louder everyday activities without worry

  • 1

    rechargeable parent unit - comes with stand

  • 1

    trusted brand

  • 1

    much more expensive than ordinary baby monitors

  • 1

    night light is too dim

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